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It all began in a small corner of my parent's basement thirty years ago  - - a space originally intended to be a wine cellar. From that humble beginning, T’s in Motion  grew rapidly, opening a production facility and retail site in 1991 in Walnut Creek. Much as we enjoyed the dynamics of being in a thriving San Francisco suburb, it became apparent the state of California was not as ‘business friendly’ as we had anticipated. So, In the fall of 1991, we relocated to the welcoming community of Minden, Nevada. It has been a strategy that’s worked well for our family-owned business and for our valued clients here and back in the Bay Area. Having been a small business owner for thirty-one years, we are proud to say we’ve endured three major concessions and all the challenges that have come with Covid-19.  We stand strong and look forward to continued growth. Thank you for thinking of us for your imprinted logo apparel.

Doug Laird, proprietor

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