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Design Department: Art Requirements

We have a large selection of clipart available to our clients as well as an in-house design department. We accept artwork in any stage, as a sketch, (even on a napkin), or fully separated, print-ready art.

Please consider the following artwork guidelines when submitting your files. Our preferred format is Adobe Illustrator (.ai). The following formats are also accepted:

  • Corel Draw (.cdr)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .pdd)
  • Encapsulated PostScript (.eps)
  • Jpeg (.jpeg)
  • TIFF (.tiff)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Bitmap (.bmp)

Significant changes required to make art print-ready will be billed at our normal hourly rate of $40/hr. All changes require approval from customer before production can begin. All approval must be made via fax or email, verbal confirmation will not be sufficient to begin production.

A customer provided proof via fax or emailed Jpeg is required for highly specific placement or color composition. ALL spot colors must be indicated where required. If you do not have access to a PMS color chart, you may request color swatches via email.

WordDoc files are accepted but strongly discouraged. However, if you must send a file in .doc format, submit only plain text. Please do not format your text or add shading or drop shadows. Text with formatting will be rejected. Please include written instructions indicating colors or any effects or shadows.

If sending files in Illustrator, Corel, or EPS format, all text must be converted to outlines or curves. PMS colors must be indicated where required.

Sending text in PDF format is not advised unless image is single color and requires no additional changes. However, sending an image and having desired text added is acceptable. If PDF images require editing, client must provide any fonts used, or the closest similar match will be substituted at our discretion if original font is unavailable.

If sending files in Photoshop or Jpeg format, images and text must be clean and print-ready, or an additional art charge will be assessed. ALL files sent in Jpeg format will be billed at our normal hourly rate unless single color and print ready.

Files sent in Photoshop format which require color separation will be assessed an art charge.

Email art file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.